Recover (crack) a password from a Microsoft Acces Databases (.mdb)

Today, I had to do a password recovery from an old Microsoft Access Database. First I thought that this was a very time consuming task, but as I searched on Google I found a great number of utilities to do that kind of password recovery / crack, but none of the shiny tools I found in the first round were free, so I searched on and found a free utility called Access PassView – and it’s able to do the job. I tried to password protect a sample access database and it worked – it recovered the password within less than a second )

The author of Access PassView mentions that it has a few limitations; In Access 2000/XP files, it cannot recover passwords that contains more than 18 characters and it’s only able to recover the main database password. It cannot recover the user-level passwords.

You can download Access PassView from this page or directly from this location.



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