30+ AJAX-Powered WordPress Plugins


The WordPress blog platform has thousands of plugins, and many of them now use ajax to improve usability. Here’s our pick of more than 30 goods ones: don’t install them all at once. ;)

For the blogger

    WP Polls Archive

AjaxWP – Adds AJAX to all aspects of your WordPress (WordPress) site speeding up the load times.

Alexa Rank – Display your Alexa rank with pride.

Ajax Comment Preview – Allows readers to preview their comment before submitting.

asTunes – Retrieves data from your Audioscrobbler/last.fm profile and posts it as a list on your blog.

Codebox – Side scrolling box for displaying code snippets.

Crossroads – Adds thumbnails and comments from your Flickr (Flickr) account.

FireStats – Full featured statistics including referrers and popular pages.

Google PageRank – Allows you to display your Google Page rank on your blog.

Hardened-Trackback – Generates a single use trackback to help fight trackback spam.

imgViewJX – Refreshes an image on your main page from a selected directory.

Live Spell Checker – Adds a spell checker to the admin area to check your posts with.

Plug ‘n’ Play Google Map – Adds any post you make with longitude and latitude to a Google Map on a separate page. Very useful for blogs writing restaurant reviews or about events.

WordPress Mailing List – Have a mailing list? Let readers subscribe and unsubscribe simply from the front page of your site.

WP e-Commerce – Adds a shopping cart to your WordPress powered site.

WP-Polls – Adds fully customizable polls for your readers to take.

WP-Post Ratings – Allows readers to rate your posts.

Zorpia That’s Hot Box – Allows visitors to send posts they like Zorpia.com and vote on their favorite articles.

For your readers


AJAX Comments 2.0 – Auto updates the comments page with no full reload, much smoother commenting than the older full reload system.

AJAX Google Video Search – Search Google Video without having to leave your favorite blog.

AJAX Shoutbox – Realtime conversation with sound to alert of new messages.

Cool Weather – Allows visitors to see the weather forecast for any area they define.

Currency Converter – Adds a real time currency converter to the page with data pulled from Yahoo Finance.

Google AJAX Search – Allows you to set search for just the contents of your site and the web, or another option allows for search of a second site such as your Flickr account.

Google MapSearch Widget – Allows readers to search Google Maps (Google Maps) without ever leaving the page.

Gregarious – Social bookmarking plugin that adds Digg (Digg), Reddit, Feedburner FeedFlare buttons and more.

Hottaimoijiruna – Adds a self-updating clock to the site for a timezone defined by the blogger.

Inline Ajax Comments – Hides comments until the user clicks on them, and then they fade-in with no reload.

Inline Ajax Page – Allows readers to see a snippet of a post, click a button and the remainder will appear without going to another page.

Tagboard Widget – Adds an auto-updating tagboard to your site that displays new messages as they are posted.

Units Converter – Converts hundreds of different units of Length, Area, Volume, Weight / Mass, Speed without reloading the page.

WP Movie Ratings – Combines data from IMDB with the bloggers movie review and lets the readers add their own rating instantly.

XDTalk – Allows real-time conversation between registered users.

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