WORDPRESS GOD: 300+ Tools for Running Your WordPress Blog


As one of the leading open source blogging platforms, WordPress (WordPress) has inspired hundreds (if not thousands) of plugins and tools to customize your blog. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of more than 300 of our favorites.

This information is compiled from previous Mashable (Mashable) articles. If you enjoy this post, also see ONLINE MEDIA GOD and ONLINE PRODUCTIVITY GOD.


For the blogger

    WP Polls Archive

AjaxWP – Adds AJAX to all aspects of your WordPress site, which speeds up the load times.

Alexa Rank – Display your Alexa rank with pride.

Ajax Comment Preview – Allows readers to preview their comment before submitting.

asTunes – Retrieves data from your Audioscrobbler/last.fm profile and posts it as a list on your blog.

Codebox – Creates a side scrolling box for displaying code snippets.

Crossroads – Adds thumbnails and comments from your Flickr (Flickr) account.

FireStats – Full featured statistics including referrers and popular pages.

Google PageRank – Allows you to display your Google Page Rank on your blog.

Hardened-Trackback – Generates a single-use trackback to help fight trackback spam.

imgViewJX – Refreshes an image on your main page from a selected directory.

Live Spell Checker – Adds a spell checker to your posts in the admin area.

Plug ‘n’ Play Google Map – If you include longitude and latitude in your post, this will automatically add it to a Google Map on a separate page. Very useful for blogs writing restaurant reviews or about events.

WordPress Mailing List – Have a mailing list? Let readers subscribe and unsubscribe from the front page of your site.

WP e-Commerce – Adds a shopping cart to your WordPress powered site.

WP-Polls – Adds fully customizable polls to your blog.

WP-Post Ratings – Allows readers to rate your posts.

Zorpia That’s Hot Box – Allows visitors to send posts they like to Zorpia.com and vote on their favorites.

For your readers


AJAX Comments 2.0 – Auto updates the comments page with no full reload, enabling much smoother commenting than the older full reload system.

AJAX Google Video Search – Search Google Video without leaving your favorite blog.

AJAX Shoutbox – Real time conversation with sound to alert you to new messages.

Cool Weather – Allows visitors to see the weather forecast for any location they choose.

Currency Converter – Adds a real time currency converter to the page with data from Yahoo Finance.

Google AJAX Search – Allows you to setup search for your site, the web, and another site such as your Flickr account.

Google MapSearch Widget – Allows readers to search Google Maps (Google Maps) without ever leaving the page.

Gregarious – Social bookmarking plugin that adds Digg (Digg), Reddit, Feedburner FeedFlare buttons and more.

Hottaimoijiruna – Adds a self-updating clock to the site for a timezone defined by the blogger.

Inline Ajax Comments – Hides comments until the user clicks on them.

Inline Ajax Page – Displays a snippet of a post and then allows the reader to click a button to load the full entry without going to another page.

Tagboard Widget – Adds an auto-updating tagboard to your site that displays new messages as they are posted.

Units Converter – Converts hundreds of different units of length, area, volume, weight / mass, and speed without reloading the page.

WP Movie Ratings – Combines data from IMDB with the blogger’s movie review and allows the readers to add their own ratings.

XDTalk – Allows real-time conversation between registered users.


Fight Spam


Akismet – Anti-spam plugin from the creators of WordPress that uses a central database of spam comments to identify spam. Requires a free API key from WordPress.com

Spam Karma – Analyzes comments for spam based on a karma system.

Bad Behavior – Prevents spam bots from accessing your site by analyzing their HTTP requests.

Did You Pass Math? – Asks users a simple math question before their comments are posted.

Comment Timeout – Closes comments on old posts.

Encourage Commenting

BlogFollow – Shows a snippet of the user’s blog beneath their comment.

DoFollow – Removes “nofollow” attributes from links in comments so search engines can follow them.

DoFollow Trackbacks – Removes “nofollow” attributes from trackbacks.

Show Top Commentators
– Lists your most frequent commenters along with links to their blogs.

Improve Appearance

Nicer Trackbacks – Improves the appearance of trackbacks from other blogs.

WP-NoSh*t – Filters bad words from comments.

Numbered Comments Adds numbers to comments.

AuthorHighlight – Highlights comments by the blog’s author.

Comment Highlighter – Styles comments based on the author’s name, email, or URL.

wp-chunk – Truncates long URLs in comments to prevent them from stretching the page.

Enable Rich Comments


Custom Smileys – Adds clickable smiley emoticons to comments.

TinyMCEComments – Turns the comment box into a full-featured rich text editor.

Live Comment Preview – Allows readers to preview their comment before posting.

Edit Comments XT – Allows users to edit their own comments.

Enable Avatars

Gravatar (Gravatar) – Displays user-selected avatars next to comments.

Favatars – Pulls the favicon from a commenter’s blog or website and uses it for their avatar.

MBLA – Adds user images from MyBlogLog to comments.

OpenID Comments – Lets readers comment with their OpenID identity.

Show Off Comments


WP-Most Commented Posts – Displays the posts with the most comments in the sidebar.

Latest Comments with Avatars Reloaded – Shows the latest comments along with the MyBlogLog avatars of the commenters.

Allow Better Conversation

Simple CoComments – Tracks the conversation across blogs.

Comment Karma – Digg-style voting on comments.

Quoter – Allows users to quote a previous comment in their comment.

Whisper – Lets users “whisper” comments that are only visible to one person.

Moderate Comments Effectively

Comment Twitter SMS Notification – Notifies you of new comments via SMS through Twitter (Twitter).

Bannage – Adds the ability to ban users from commenting by name, email, or IP.

CommentCentral – Allows batch opening and closing of comments on multiple posts.


404 Notifier – Provides a log of your 404 errors.

Admin Dropdown Menus – Streamline your crowded admin panel menus by turning them into dropdown menus.

Admin Panel Comment Reply – Adds a “reply to comment” option in the comments section of the admin area.

Ajax Spell Checker – Uses a variety of dictionaries to spell check your posts.

Auto-hyperlink URLs – Provides you with several options for automatically turning URLs in to hyperlinks.

AWSOM Pixgallery – Designed to allow artists and webcomic creators to create a portfolio of their artwork.

Batch Categories – Makes it easier to add posts to another category, or to organize posts when importing from another blog.

Custom Admin Menu – Gives you the power to rename, hide, or move just about anything you want in the admin area.

Custom Write Panel – Allows you to customize the “Write” panel of WordPress by hiding things you don’t need such as “Post Password” and adding things you would like easier access to.

Dashbar – Allow your admins to have admin access while working in the frontend of the blog without having multiple windows open.

Dashboard Editor – Completely customize your admin dashboard using PHP (PHP), HTML, and widgets.

DashNote – Adds a post-it note feature to the dashboard to jot down notes to yourself.

Digital Fingerprint – Adds a digital fingerprint to your posts so you can search the web to see if your content has been scraped.

    Domain Mirror

Domain Mirror – Allows one WordPress install to be accessed from multiple domains.

Download Counter – Counts and tracks the downloads of all your files.

Email Users – This plugin allows you to mail registered users on your blog based on their role.

Enforce WWW Preference – Provides 301 redirects to queries with /index.php and enforces your use or non-use of www to make sure your search engine indexing is uniform.

Excerpt Editor – Provides you with more control over the excerpts such as length and auto creation.

FeedBurner FeedSmith – Ensures all your RSS feed subscribers get counted in your FeedBurner subscriber count.

Fix Database – Checks your WordPress database for errors and attempts to fix them.

Genki Announcement – Allows you to add an announcement before your first post without editing your themes.

    Genki Pre-Publish Reminder

Genki Pre-Publish Reminder – Allows you to write reminders for things like setting categories before you post.

Google Analyticator – Inserts Google Analytics code on every WordPress page.

Google Sitemaps Generator – Will create a Google (Google) compliant site map of your blog.

GT Post Approval – Adds “Approve” and “Reject” buttons to the administrators view on all posts, which is ideal for blogs with multiple authors.

Instant Update – Handles the tedious chore of upgrading your WP install with just one-click.

Just Unzip – Allows you to upload a zip folder from the Write page. Just Unzip will then unzip the contents and associate them with the current post.

Khanh’s Instant Notepad (KIN) – Allows you to jot notes to yourself on a notepad.

Leprakhauns Word Count – Adds a Java powered word counter to your editing page.

Mass Post Manager – Allows you to move or delete all the posts in a category at once.

Mutliply – Allows one administrator to control multiple blogs.

NextGEN Gallery – Adds an image gallery to your control panel.

OneClick Install – Adds an extremely powerful uploader and installer for plugins and themes to WordPress, eliminating the need to unzip or FTP.

Page Link Manager – Allows you to easily rearrange, hide, and move pages.

Permacop – Allows you to redirect any URL to another.

Post2Page – Allows you to take existing posts that you have and convert them into pages.

PlugInstaller – Helps you install new plugins by obtaining it, uploading it and unpacking it.

podPress – Includes numerous features for bloggers wishing to add podcasts to their WordPress install, such as previews, RSS feeds, and adding cast to posts.

Search and Replace – Search all your posts at once for specified text, quickly replace it.

Share This – Adds multiple social bookmarking links and an e-mail-this function in one handy button.

Simple Pop-up Images – Add a thumbnail image to your post; when the user clicks on it, they get a larger pop-up of the picture.

Simple Tagging – Simplifies the tagging process to drop down menus and includes the ability import from your current tagging plugins.

Site Unavailable – Publishes a message that your site is down while still allowing admins to login.

Throttle – Monitors your bandwidth and limits non-essential items during heavy load times to help performance.

Wikipedia-NoFollow – Written in response to Wikipedia’s implementing a “nofollow” rule to their outgoing links, this plugin allows you to add nofollow to links you give to Wikipedia (Wikipedia) pages.

WordPress Mobile Edition – Strips your blog down for easy reading on phones and PDAs.

WordTube – Why use YouTube (YouTube) when you can host and stream your videos as you please? Includes a flash player.

WP Grins – Adds clickable smilies to both the administration area and comments section.

WPAds – Add rotating banner and text ads to any location you define on your blog.

WP-Custom Login – Allows you to modify the user login page logo to an image of your choice.

WP- DBManager – Provides you with the ability to optimize the database, back it up, restore, delete the backup database, drop emptied tables, and run selected queries.

WP-phpMyAdmin – Provides you with quick access to your PHP databases directly from the WP admin area without having to login to phpMyAdmin.

WP Plugins Tracker – Verifies all of your plugins are the latest version by checking them against the wp-plugins-db.org database.

    WP Super Edit

WP Super Edit – Provides you with more control over the Visual editor including emoticons, layers, style attributes, and more.

WP-Table – Allows you to add a table directly in the Visual mode or import from a spreadsheet.


Image Management Tools

Aniga Gallery – Allows you to create picture galleries that use the WordPress comment system.

Batch Image Uploader – Upload and resize multiple images to your blog at once.

Duh Gallery – Creates a photo gallery from your uploads folder in WordPress.

ImageManager – Includes interface for browsing and uploading images and basic tools such as cropping and rotating.

WP Image Gallery – Create photo galleries from within WordPress and display them in posts.

fMoblog – Post pictures with descriptions from a mobile phone.

Pop-up Image Gallery – Photo gallery plugin with various options for transitions.

PhotoZip – Allows you to upload a .zip file to create an image gallery.

PictPress – Automatically generates a picture post from a directory on your server and resizes pictures on the fly.

Importing Images from Other Services

Another Flickr – Allows your readers to browse thumbnails from your Flickr albums and go directly to full size images.

BubbleShare – Display photo galleries from your BubbleShare account.

Facebook Photos – Shows thumbnails of photos from your linked Facebook (Facebook) account.

Flickr Photo Album – Pulls in your Flickr photo sets and displays them as albums in WordPress.

FlickrRSS – Displays most recent images from any RSS feed from Flickr such as a user, group, or tags page.

Fotobook – Import your Facebook photo albums into a WordPress page.

ImageShack Uploader – Upload an image to ImageShack’s free storage service and insert a thumbnail into your posts.

Slickr Gallery – AJAX photo gallery that pulls in images and photosets from Flickr.

Smugmug Gallery Bar – Insert photos from your Smugmug account into blog posts.

Image Display Effects & Hacks

Enlarger – Displays a thumbnail but loads the bigger image in the background so when clicked the full size version loads instantly.

IImage Panorama – Helps you create a 360 degree panorama picture to add to your blog.

Image Headlines – Create cool text images for the titles of your posts.

Lightbox 2 – Generates thumbnails that when clicked load in a lightbox.

Multi-Topic Icon: Shows images that represent each of the categories assigned to a blog post.

Random Image – Pulls a random image from your blog and links back to the post it came from.

Transparent PNG Fix – Make sure your PNG files don’t look nasty.

WP Wetfloor – Create the ever-popular reflection effect for the images on your blog.

Playing Music

Del.icio.us MP3 Player – Makes links to MP3s in your posts playable and easily postable to del.icio.us.

Audio Player – Inserts a simple MP3 player into your posts that plays uploaded audio files.

XSFP Player – Flash player that allows you to embed music on your blog via http.

What Am I Listening To?

DG PlayingNow Updater – Displays the song you are currently listening to on iTunes, MSN Messenger (MSN Messenger), or J. River Media Center.

EZ-Scrobbler – Displays your most recently listened to tracks on last.fm.

iTunes Spy – Displays your most recently listened to tracks on iTunes.

Pandora Feeds – Displays data from Pandora (Pandora) feeds, for example, a list of your stations, bookmarked songs, and bookmarked artists.

onAirNow – Now playing plugin that displays most recent song from iTunes or WinAmp.

Podcasting Tools

Odeo – Embed a podcast that you recorded on Odeo.

Podcast Release – A “release” form for guests of your podcast, accepting your terms.

PodPress – Full featured plugin for podcasters including feed generation, iTunes preview, and download stats.

iPodCatter – Helps podcasters create a valid feed for the podcast directory on iTunes.

Miscellaneous Audio Tools

Evoca Browser Mic – Allow your blog readers to send you voice comments which you can later post to your blog.

Odiogo – Converts your text to speech and provides a link for your readers to listen to your posts.

Video Tools

Anarchy Media Player – Plays a wide variety of audio/video file formats in the appropriate player on your blog.

Easy Inline SWF – Allows you to insert Flash files in .swf format into your posts without any weird tags.

SeeTheFace – Complete tool for recording video and posting it to your blog.

Extreme Video – Plays any .flv file on your blog with support for YouTube, Google Video (Google Video), Quicktime, and more.

Noembedder – Automatically adds a noembed section to any embedded content that does not already have one.

YouTube Brackets – Allows you to simply enter a URL for a YouTube video versus copying and pasting embed code.

wordTubeVideo (video) player that includes the ability to program a menu of videos.

TubePress – Display YouTube galleries as blog posts or a sidebar item.

YouTube Video Gallery – Displays thumbnails for any gallery from YouTube.

vPIP – vPIP stands for “Videos Playing In Place,” meaning it will only embed after a specified image or link is clicked by the user.


Stats for the Blog Owner


AWStats Xtended Info – Requires AWStats and adds things such as screen size, Flash, PDF, and Java support.

Backlinks inbound links counter – Uses MSN to track all incoming links to your site.

Bluetrait Event Viewer (BTEV) – Tracks your logins, deleted users, last passwords, invalid user names and more.

Bsuite – Tracks page loads, search terms used on incoming links, top performing posts, and lists related posts at the bottom of each entry.

CountPosts – Shows you how many times each post gets visited while ignoring visits from the admin.

DownloadCounter – Counts downloads of files you attach to your posts.

Dschini Bot Checker – Lets you know which pages are being checked by which search bots and how often.

Feed Statistics – Monitors your feeds and tells you which readers are being used, the links that readers click on, and which stories they are reading.

FeedBurner SiteStats Enabler – Helps you install the FeedBurner script in your site with instructions in both Italian and English.

FeedBurner StandardStats – Simplifies the process of installing the FeedBurner script so you can monitor your RSS feed statistics.

FeedStats – Statistical tool for counting your feeds, measuring length of stay on your site and more. Stats appear in the dashboard.

FirStats – Full-featured, Ajax powered stats for your admin area.

GoStats web counter – Lets you install the GoStats counter in your blog as a text widget.

Lightstats – Plugin generates bar and pie graphs for statistics about posts, comments, and categories.

Live – Lets you watch the activity on your blog in real time. See things like posts visited, new comments, and feeds grabbed.

Open Web Analytics – Tracks page views, visits, unique visitors, clicks, referring websites, and plots visitor geography on Google Earth (Google Earth).

Posts/Comments Time – Shows you the number of posts and comments for the hours of each day so you can better plan your posting times.

Search Phrases – Straightforward plugin that just displays what search terms brought the visitors to your site.

Social Traffic Monitor – Monitors the social sites Digg, Netscape, Reddit, Newsvine, Fark, Slashdot, Del.icio.us, and StumbleUpon (StumbleUpon).

Ultimate Google Analytics – Adds the Google Analytics (Google Analytics) script to your site while also counting downloads and outbound links.

Word Count – Tracks the word count of your posts.

WordPress.com Stats – Uses your WordPress API key to pull stats and places them in a page in your admin area.

WP OnlineCounter – This plugin counts the number of readers currently online, highest number of visitors at the same time, and the total count of visitors.

WP-SlimStat – Tracks all of the standard stats you’ve come to expect from a stats package, but in a very compressed database for less load on your server.

WP-Stats – Very general statistics package focusing on your number of posts, comments and so on.

Stats to Share with Visitors


Akismet Spam Count – Show off your Akismet spam power and let spammers know you’re protected from their attempts.

Alexa Rank – Allows you to display your Alexa rank for the world to see.

GeneralStats – Displays your choice of number of users, categories, posts, comments, pages, links, words in posts, words in comments and words in pages.

Google PageRank – Display your Google Page Rank on your front page.

Impress – Display number of users, posts, pages, comments, categories, words, and more on your blog.

Jon’s Showoff Rankings Widget – Displays your Google Page Rank, Alexa Traffic Ranking, and Technorati Rank all in one plugin. (Ed note: this plugin is no longer supported, and the developer recommends using the widget version instead.)


Post Administration & Layout

    Notify On Draft Post

Add Graphic Signature – Adds a graphic of your signature to your posts either automatically or via the insertion of a simple tag.

Adman – Allows you to post ads such as Google AdSense at the beginning or middle of a post.

Another WordPress Meta Plugin – Allows you to add Meta tags and keywords to your post to try to further optimize your blog for search engines.

Category Remindr – Category Remindr puts a button next to the “Publish” button to remind you to select the categories for your post.

Corrector – Adds Google Spell Check to your admin area and can spellcheck in 27 languages.

DropCap First Character – Enlarges the first character of a post to give it more of a magazine appearance.

Front Page Excluded Categories – Allows you to exclude posts from certain categories on your front page.

Limit the size of main page posts – Set the number of words you want each of your main page posts to contain so that if they exceed that limit, a link is provided to a page with the complete post.

Notify On Draft Post – Notifies the editor when the authors of a multi-author blog post a new draft for review.

Post Notification – Sends an email to a list of registered users when you make a new post. Includes the option to include the post in the email.

Post Repeater – Re-posts an entry with significance every week, month, or year.

Post Templates – Allows you to set up repeating templates such as a “Picture Of The Day” without all of the tedious copy and pasting.

PostPost – Allows you to add content such as advertisements before or after every post.

Posts Expire – Set an expiration date on your post.

Subscribers Only – Lets you mark a post as “subscriber only” so they are visible only to members of your site.

Subscribe-Remind – Adds a reminder to the bottom of each post to subscribe to your RSS feed.

WordPress PDA – Helps your readers view your blog on a PDA browser.

WP-orderposts – This plugin allows you to custom order your posts (as opposed to the default reverse-chronological order).

WP-Sticky – Make a post the default first entry on your blog.

Post Tools

    TD Word Count

Auto Link – Use the Google API to set delimiters like [movie]Move Title[/movie] to make it auto link to the page on IMDB.

Author Complete Post List – Gives you the ability to display all the posts by an author, including the ones where they are co-author.

Blog by Mail with Categories – Changes the “Blog by Mail” feature in WordPress so you can also set the category.

Code Markup – Allows you to include snippets of code, including HTML, in your post without it affecting the page.

Easy Post-To-Post Links – Allows you to use a shortcut when writing a post linking to another post on your blog.

On This Day – Displays posts posted on the same day in previous years.

Plain Text Paste – Helps to ease the pain of pasting something you wrote in Microsoft Word into WordPress.

TD Word Count – Displays a word count for each post on a blog, and gives you a total count.

Ubernyms – Allows you to make shortcuts for terms and links you use often. Just enter the abbreviation and this plugin fills it in for you.

WP-Footnotes – Allows you to add footnotes to a more detailed post.

wpSpoiler – Allows you to hide text behind [spoiler] tags. Ideal for sites with tv or movie reviews.




DJ-Email-Publish – Once you publish on your WordPress blog, this sends the post as an email to your other blogs such as MSN Spaces.

Live Space Sync – Allows you to import all your posts to your Microsoft Live Spaces so you can advertise your blog to your contacts.

LiveJournal Crossposter – Automatically posts your latest entries to your LiveJournal account, or any other LJ software based site.

Vox Crossposter – Cross-posts your posts to your Vox (Vox) account.

Xanga Crosspost – Allows you to have your posts appear on your Xanga (Xanga) account.

RSS Feed Tools


©Feed – Adds copyright info to your feed and places a digital fingerprint on it so you can search the web for content theft.

Add to Any Subscribe Button – Allows your readers to subscribe via most popular RSS readers.

AddThis Sidebar Widget – Adds RSS info and social bookmarking links to the sidebar.

Better Feed – Adds a “read more” button, a copyright notice, and a “Add to del.icio.us” link.

DeCat – Allows you to select certain categories to not be included in your feeds.

Feed Control – Gives you the ability to exclude posts from your feed, add pages, and more.

Feed Footer – Adds copyright and advertising to your RSS posts.

Feed Master – Assigns a number to your feed readers to give you a better idea of stats specific to them.

Feed Styler – Allows you to style your feed.

FeedBurner FeedSmith – Make sure all your RSS feed subscribers get counted along with the ones signed up via FeedBurner.

FeedStats – Gives you statistical data on your feeds.

Feedvertizer – Add text links to the end of your feed posts.

RSS Flashfeeder to Myspace – Feeds your last two posts to your MySpace (MySpace) page.

Slash Comments – Adds info to your feed about how many comments are on the post.

Subscribe-Remind – Adds a little reminder to subscribe to your feed at the end of each post.

Social Bookmarking

    Share This

Digg Button – Allows you to add the Digg button anywhere in a post with a simple code snippet.

Digg IT – A plugin that allows the inclusion of the Digg button.

JPF Add to Reddit – Allows readers to submit your posts to Reddit.

Share This – Adds multiple social bookmarking links and an email-this functionality in one button.

Sociable – Adds the linking information for 61 social bookmarking sites.

Social Bookmark Buttons – Adds social bookmark buttons for Digg.com, Netscape.com, Reddit.com, Del.icio.us, Stumbleupon.com, Google.com, Socialogs.com, and Socialposter.com.

Social Bookmarks Plugin for WordPress – Provides you access to the social bookmarking icons for more than 20 popular sites.

Socializer Plugin – Adds the ability to post to nearly 40 social bookmarking sites.

SocialList – Allows you to see which of your posts have been submitted to del.icio.us and Digg.

Socialogs.com – Allows you to have your entries submitted to Socialogs.com.

WP-Notable – Adds the icons for numerous social bookmarking sites to each post.

wphotspots – Tracks the activity of your posts on several social bookmarking sites.


Social Site Integration


Blogmark Integration – Display your Blogmarks list on your blog.

DiggClick – Add the Digg button to the beginning of your posts.

DiggIT – Allows you to add the Digg button even if someone had already submitted your post.

Facebook Comments – Allows you to bring comments on your Facebook notes over to the relevant blog post.

Gregarious – Combines a Digg button plugin with Alex King’s popular “Share This” plugin for social bookmarking.

Ma.gnolia Widget – Display links from your Ma.gnolia account using this widget.

Reddit Button – Adds a Reddit button to your blog posts.

StumbleCrumble – Display a pre-determined number of your latest Stumbled websites on your own blog.

Status Indicators

    IM Online

360Voice Bits Plugin – Connects with 360Voice.com to post the latest info on your 360 standings.

AIM Online Status Indicator – Let your readers know if you’re online.

IM Online – Presence indicator for AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk, Skype (Skype) and ICQ.

MeeboMe Plugin For WordPress – Display a Meebo (Meebo) widget on your blog so you can chat with your visitors.

WP-ICQ-Status – Display your current ICQ status on your blog.

Xbox 360 Gamercard WordPress Plugin – Allows you to display your Xbox 360 Gamecard.

Miscellaneous Site Integration

    Facebook photos

.Mac Sidebar WP Plugin – Display information from your .Mac account in your WordPress sidebar.

Amazon Wishlist – Add your Amazon Wishlist to your blog.

Bloggersnap – Allow your visitors to take a webcam shot and post it to your blog.

EasyPayPal – Allows you to accept payments for many services including subscriptions, trial periods, and more.

Ebay Sales Lister – Display Ebay listings (from your account or others) on your site.

Facebook Photos – Allows easy access to your Facebook photos for use in your blog.

GetWiki – Embed a Wikipedia article in your blog.

iTunesSpy – Display your latest played songs on your WordPress blog.

Last Amazon Review – Displays latest reviews from an Amazon RSS feed. Supports Associate IDs.

MasterWish – Place your wishlist from MasterWish.com on your blog.

Netflix – Share portions of your Netflix queue with your readers.

Phoogle – Add Google Maps with markers you choose to any of your posts.

Slashdot.org Headlines – Display the latest headlines from Slashdot on your site.

PayPal Donate Button – Allows you to add a “Make a Donation” button powered by PayPal.

WP-Twit – Display your latest Twitter postings on your site.

Yahoo Browser-Based Authentication – Allows users to sign in to your blog using their Yahoo ID and password.

Your YouTube Favorite Videos – Display your favorited YouTube videos on your site.

YouTube Video Gallery – Display a gallery of YouTube videos on your site.


Left Sidebar


DarkT – Slick black design, extremely legible, very modern looking, fixed width and widget ready.

    Green Bug

Green Bug – Very pleasant looking fixed width and widget ready theme, great for a nature blog.


HijauSegar – Very op

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